An Open-Minded Attitude leads to Open-Ended Gains


Bodybuilders tend to be creatures of habit simply due to the fact that repetition of the proven methods is the quickest way to new found growth. In saying that, sometimes in our determination to make things work for us, we fail to realize that what we're doing may not necessarily be the best option at that time. With a little bit of research, you will be able to find methods for growth that are supported by and promoted by our experts within the industry and for good reason. These methods work, have elicited some incredible gains for many people and have withstood the test of time as per its effectiveness for growing muscle. But here's the thing, as quickly as you can find one method that guarantees results, you can also find another and another until you finally find yourself wondering which one is best and what one you should go with. The answer to that question is very simple; allow yourself to be open-minded about the many approaches that exist out there so that you can create a scenario of open-ended gains as you make your way through your bodybuilding career. Let's take a closer look at this strategy.

Dismissal is Detrimental

If you immediately dismiss anything other than what you believe to be true, you will eventually find yourself on the side of zero gains. When we find something we like, enjoy doing and experience success in using, we automatically program it our head that this is the best course of action and there's no need in changing anything. When something new comes up, our initial response is to ignore it because there's no way it can be better than what it is we're currently doing. The unfortunate part about that is our consistency will only pay off for so long as adaptation will eventually take over and the stimulus you have been using for accruing new muscle will quickly fade and your return on effort will diminish. When that happens you have to try something new to stimulate growth again and that's where keeping that open -minded attitude will come into play in that when you reach this point in your training, you're going to be willing to try new methods, new strategies and ultimately a whole new approach.

Life-long Learner

Possibly the best part about having that open-minded attitude is the fact that you won't be closing yourself off to learning new things. The most successful bodybuilders out there are also the smartest in my opinion. They have figured out that as they grow, their body changes and how it responds to the training, the food and the rest is not a static process but rather one of constant change. In that change comes the challenge of figuring things out so that positive growth can still occur. That means the education of a bodybuilder is never ending if you want to continually make progress. The more you can learn about your body through research, science, anecdotal evidence and so forth, the better you will be in the end. Remember, once you stop learning, you stop living and that's the last thing you want to do.


You might find that in your resistance to change, you have isolated yourself from your peer group and closed any type of collaborative efforts that might arise from sharing your ideas with other like-minded or even skeptical individuals. If or when you can clear yourself of that mindset, what you will find is that you start to accrue new knowledge that can be interspersed with your own beliefs so that an entirely new approach can be born and the prospect of open-ended gains begin. Working with other people of opposing thoughts, ideas and beliefs has a tremendous amount of benefit because you get to gain a new perspective on what it is you're doing, share your experiences with one another and then be creative so that you end up positioning yourself in a  much better place for continued growth when compared to the stance you held firmly until you opened up your mind to new possibilities.

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Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.


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